“Traditional” and “Old School” are terms that are thrown around nowadays with almost reckless abandon. When one speaks of traditional, one recalls times when quality and attention to detail were put first and foremost ahead of everything – including profit. When one refers to old school, one refers to hard work and commitment because these are the bedrock of success, no cutting corners, no short cuts.

Ferry Barber Shop was founded in 1978 by Manuel “Manny” Amorim.

We are recognized as the area standard in men’s haircuts. We do only one thing: we cut men’s hair and that is why we excel at it. Whether the cut is traditional or contemporary, we do it best.

Lots of places advertise traditional barber service, but how many can claim to be in the second generation of business? Manny’s son, Joe, continues the model set by his father by providing clientele with the best hair cuts in the business. The staff includes professionals who combine traditional methods with creative styling to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

Our convenient location in the Ironbound just 2 blocks east of Penn Station provides clients with easy access to our dependable, first class services.



We have years of experience. Walk-in and get ready for great service.

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